Yoga Studio 

Yoga Studio 


A yoga studio for health and wellbeing 

Whether you want to keep fit yourself or you need a space to work as a personal trainer or coach, a yoga studio or garden gym can be tailored to your needs. 
You can specify the amount of space, the shape, and all the fittings and fixtures you need for a perfect health and fitness experience. 

The right environment 

When you take care of your physical health it’s good to know that you’re giving your mental wellbeing a boost, and you will know you’re being kind to the environment too. 
Our yoga studios have ventilation and heat recovery systems making the air quality almost as good as outdoors. Maintaining good oxygen levels will improve concentration, breathing and blood flow, making your yoga studio ideal for exercise. The temperature will always be comfortable, and you will feel positive and energised. 

Everything you need 

If you want a personal space to flex and stretch you can choose a compact 2.5metre square studio or for classes and training sessions you could create a space of 4metres or even larger. 
We will help you to design every aspect from the cladding to the decorating. You can include plumbing and sewer connections if you want to provide showers or a separate space for cool downs or chill outs. 

Your yoga studio will be your ideal health and wellbeing zone. 

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