Garden Pub 

Garden Pub 


Your garden pub – outdoor entertaining made simple 

A garden pub could be the ideal way to make the most of your outdoor entertainment. 
If you want to create just the right indoor-outdoor entertainment space but adding patio doors or an extension to your home won’t work for you, simply build your own pub in the garden. With insulation, ventilation, underfloor heating, electricity and lighting you can welcome your friends and family all year round. 

Make a statement 

You can choose the size and shape of your new shared space, along with cladding, decorations and flooring. You can recreate the atmosphere of your favourite pub or design a modern statement that really shows off your style. 
Why not install a television for relaxed film nights or special sports occasions? If you have teenagers in the house it will be an ideal environment for them to meet their friends and have some fun too. 

Year-round relaxation 

Depending on how much space you have, you can choose a compact 2.5 square metres or twice that size or more to create a real party space. 
Our garden pubs have floor and wall insulation and double- or triple-glazing so they will be bright and airy, warm and inviting throughout the year. Just what you need when people come to call. 

Your garden pub will make outdoor entertaining easy. 

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