Just imagine: Almost 60% of employees say they would quit their job if forced to return to the office and more than a third of employees want to work from home permanently. Only 2% of employees would like to return to the office full-time. 
More employees are quitting their jobs instead of Giving Up Working from home. People working from home get more accomplished and feel less vulnerable. 
Executives said 20 percent of their full-time employees worked from home before the pandemic, but 77 percent said after the pandemic, they expected an increase in workers who spend at least 3 to 5 days a week working from home. 
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When employees say, “I want to work from home full time,” employers should listen. If they don’t, they run the risk of losing valuable staff. 
While 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, it is just the beginning, as we see the trend continuing in 2021 and beyond. 
A report from Bloomberg found that most employees have become so comfortable working from home that they’d rather quit than be forced back to the office. 
The percentage of workers permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021, according to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research. 
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